Spring Visitors Season 2012 – Adult

Puppetry is not just for children!

We were considering making this the tagline for our Spring Visitors Season of Adult Puppetry Work but it didn’t make it into the final proof of the brochure. Doh. Instead what we have is a season of adult puppetry shows and workshops that will shock, astound and get the bits between your legs jiggling. (Ew!).

All of the work featured in our adult season is designed for adults. Why? Because puppetry is not just for children! Sometimes the medium of puppetry lends itself to darker themes, it allows for the unthinkable to happen for complex stories and manipulation. Basically, not everything is suitable for children, and this is true of puppetry.

Have a browse of our Adult Season Brochure below to get an idea of what’s in store:

It’s more than just shows though, make sure you look at our professional development courses, our workshops or our termly puppetry courses. It’s the perfect chance to begin to explore the world of puppetry and performance at the ‘Home of British Puppetry’.

Be sure to check out the season on the Little Angel website too:


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